Diary of Events




29 March

Sailed from Gibraltar for Exercise Springtrain.

02 April

HMS Glamorgan diverted from Exercise Springtrain.

01 May

Detached with HMS Arrow and HMS Alacrity to bombard Port Stanley.

19:40 - Attacked by four Argentine Mirages. Two 500lb bombs narrowly missed Glamorgan's stern causing minor underwater damage. Retired from gun line until after dark.

02 May

01:50 - Completed bombardment, having been fired on from shore and Wessex helicopter coming under serious anti-aircraft fire.

14 May

20:00 - Detached to bombard Pebble Island in support of SAS ashore.

15 May

04:00 - On Pebble Island gun line.

07:45 - Bombardment complete. Retired at 29 knots! 14 Aircraft destroyed ashore.

16 May

Detached to bombard targets between Lively Island and Stanley.

18 May

Detached to bombard shore as part of landing deception plan.

19 May

Detached to bombard Berthas Beach.

20 May

Detached to bombard Berkeley sound as a distraction from San Carlos water.

21 May

06:30 - Landings commence in San Carlos water.

25 May

19:40 - Under Exocet attack. Atlantic Conveyor hit.

21:30 - Detached to bombard Stanley as a reprisal. Considerable counter battery fire from shore.

27 May

Detached with Alacrity and Avenger to bombard Stanley.

29 May

Detached to bombard Stanley.

30 May

Engaged several shore targets in support of HMS Ambuscade, who was under heavy fire, and in support of troops ashore.

17:35 - Under unsuccessful Exocet attack. Assumed duties of TRALA (Tug repair and Logistics area) and co-ordinate RAF Hercules airdrops of stores and personnel.

11 June

17:00 - Detached at 26 knots to support 45 RM Cdo on Two Sisters.

12 June

06:37 - Hit by Exocet missile. Hole blown in deck outside hanger, Aircraft and Port Seacat destroyed. Hanger and main galley burnt out. Serious flooding in Magazine and other compartments below. Thirteen men dead with fourteen wounded. Casualties evacuated to HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible.

10:00 - Proceeding in excess of 20 knots with all fires extinguished.

19:35 - Thirteen members of the ships company of HMS Glamorgan buried at sea.

13 June

Alongside Stenna Seaspread for repairs.

18 June

Enter San Carlos water to carry out repairs in shelter.

21 June

13:45 - Leave the Falkland Island task force firing a full calibre salute to HMS Hermes.

05 July

Carry out 54th and final RAS.

10 July

Return to Portsmouth after 104 days at sea.