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Art tribute to sailors killed in war tragedy

After an exhausting night hurling shells at Argentine positions, radio operator Bob Stafford was on his way to breakfast when the enemy hit back.Fourteen sailors were killed or fatally wounded when a sea-skimming missile smashed into HMS Glamorgan's galley and helicopter hangar on June 12, 1982.Had the crew stood down from action stations a minute or two earlier, 19-year-old Bob would probably have been in the galley too when it was engulfed in flames

Four years later, the Falklands veteran and his wife Marina celebrated the birth of their only child. Now that child, art student Michelle, 19, has paid a heartfelt tribute to her father's dead comrades from the war in the south Atlantic. She created an abstract seascape from silk, chiffon and other materials to hang alongside the Glamorgan memorial window in Portsmouth Cathedral. Michelle, who is in her first year of a fine art degree course at the city's university, was inspired by a visit to the cathedral with her dad.

'He showed me the Glamorgan window and the plaque on the floor for the men who died. He told me about them, what happened on the day. It was a very emotional experience. 'I had to do a piece of art for a specific place, as part of my course, and on the way home I thought: "wow, it all fits together". Dad was really keen too.'

Michelle, of Southsea, completed the 3ft by 3ft artwork in four weeks for temporary display.

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