June 12.   Thanks to Billy Bancroft for photos of a Pucara at a local museum.  Glamorgan Page.

 May 12.   Some great photos of Glamorgan taken by Clive Hamlin of 800 Sqn from Hermes as we did our gun salute.  Glamorgan Page.

 May 12.    Great photo of some of the guys on a mountain in Norway 1984. Many thanks to Harald Bohne  Crew Pictures.

 May 15.    Thanks for the photo’s from Danni Britch of her dad and uncle, Wayne and Roy.  Crew Pictures.

 May 15.    I was about to make a decision to close the website as I’ve not had anything new for a couple of years, and the cost is not getting any cheaper, when I received three new ones this week. Jess