Photo’s taken at the Cardiff SAMA 2007 Event.

Many thanks to Eon Matthews for sending them.

tn_sama wales006
tn_sama wales013
tn_sama wales015
tn_sama wales005
tn_sama wales021
tn_sama wales008
tn_sama wales065
tn_sama wales069
tn_sama wales009
tn_sama wales020
tn_sama wales0161
tn_sama wales042
tn_sama wales035
tn_Glamorgan wreath Cardiff 30 Sep 07

HMS Glamorgan Wreath

tn_sama wales012
tn_sama wales011
tn_sama wales0111
tn_sama wales017
tn_sama wales019
tn_sama wales031
tn_sama wales039
tn_Dave Hodges and Dave  Penny Cardiff 30 Sep 07

Dave & Dave

tn_sama wales014
tn_sama wales055
tn_sama wales010
tn_sama wales026
tn_sama wales041
tn_Remembrance Sunday Wreath Party 1

TS Cardiff wreath laying party.