Letter received  from Chris Baxter.

Re: Exocet Attack 1982

1. Having seen your interesting Association's web site and mention of the 1982 exocet attack, it prompted me to make contact as I thought that you might be interested to hear further about the exocets later on in the war.

2. As OC First Raiding Squadron RM, I was involved in the subsequent planned raid on Stanley with the mission to destroy the exocets launched from the back of lorries from the Airfield (subsequently after the war I learnt that they were fired and then returned inside Stanley for safety) which had hit your ship. The raid involved D Sqn SAS with elements of both the SBS and Raiding Squadron led by Major Cedric Delves (who has also led the Pebble Island Raid). The raid took place on the night 13 June and was launched from the STUFT trawler Gaul with the raiding party lying up on an island outside the harbour area. Regrettably on entering the harbour the raiding party was passed by the Argentine Hospital Ship (Bahia Paraiso) which saw the boats, warned the shore and then turned its searchlights onto the raiding craft. Fortunately nobody from the raiding party fired on the ship (with its Red Cross and neutral status!!) but the craft were abandoned ashore and two members of the raiding party were slightly injured (one shot in the elbow and another in the bottom). From reading the excellent book 'Razor's Edge by Hugh Bicheno, I later found out that their hospital ship was carrying their special forces and ammunition and, that the Argentine General Joffre thought it was an amphibious assault and he delayed deploying his special forces at the rear of the British Forces.

3. In 1985 I met Capt Christoper Gotto RN (when he was then CAPIC HMS Tamar but, I recall, he had been the Commander on HMS Glamorgan when hit ?) and I was his OC 3RSRM.

4. For information, can I recommend to your Falkland members the book ' Pictures from Far Away' produced by SAMA which has a marvellous range of photos from the conflict. Sadly it is not well advertised especially by Amazon under the Falklands War. I also have a photo of an exocet lying on the ground at the airfield after the surrender.

Chris Baxter