L to R Front Row: Tim Bloggs, Paul Jones, Nathaniel, Danny Wort, Ray La Touche, Peter Raine, Shawn Cahill.

2nd Row: CRS. Williams. Lt. Butterworth. Lt. Cdr. Engeham. CYO. Richardson. RS. Brown.

3rd Row: Ken Langstaff. Trevor Wilkins. Yorkie Clayborough. Mark Childefreeman. Lofthouse. Willy Wilkins. Chris Boyes. Derby Allen.

4th Row: Andy Belfitt. Kevin Lowe. John Glazebrook. Andy Clarke. Jock. Ronnie Corbett.

Back Row: Bob Stafford. Wilkinson. Paul Lowe. Gary Nguyen. Lee Jackson. Steve Wright. Mark Gentry. Stevenson.

Gary Nguyen who sent me the photo and remembered everyones name except one!! Gary only remembers that he tried to stick his knob in a vacuum cleaner just in case that jogs anyones memory!!!

It was Yorkie Clayborough!!! Thanks Shiner

The Comms Crew1