“Our Navigating Officer and author of “Ordeal by Exocet” Ian Inskip has embarked on building a scale model of HMS GLAMORGAN.    The scale is 96:1 giving the model a total length of 65".   The kit which cost 350 consists of a glass fibre hull (but you have to make the anchor recesses and drill the shaft and rudder holes), four sheet plans depicting the ship post 1984 refit and a number of packs of fittings. Using photos etc. Ian is making the model to put her back into 1982 configuration.   Ian has also made the superstructure and decks etc.. using styrene strips, wood etc and piano wire for the guard rails.  To motorise it and make it remote control has added another 250 but if Ian decides to make it fully remote controlled he will probably have to find someone locally to help because the instructions on how to do it are very limited!  

The manufacturers are planning to make a Seaslug launcher available soon, so Ian is waiting for that to finish the quarterdeck.   He then hopes to have the model completed this year and ready to display at Royal British Legion or any other appropriate events including our next reunion.   Although it has been initially costly, Ian admits that has given him hours and hours of activity and his wife Marianne raises her eyebrows every time he says he is going down to the office (dockyard) to attend to his "model"!!

Ian would be delighted to advise any other GLAMORGANs who might be interested in embarking on this project.  

The model can be obtained from:

PS Ships
PO Box 369
St Helens
WA10 9AU

Opening times are 1000 to 1500
T:  01744 850975
W:  www.psships.com 

Glamorgan Model02